Saturday, 17 February 2007

Entropy in the Absence of a Closed System

Now, this is interesting.

If we consider reality constituted of the twin worlds of Matter and Mind (Logic being beyond reality), we can find a plausible escape from the Second Law of Thermodynamics thus:

Matter is an open system, affected and influenced by Mind, consciousness.

Mind is an open system, affected and influenced by Matter, facticity.

The only way we could understand the whole as a closed system is by viewing the polar twins influencing each other from outside (whereby they would become elements in a single system, with no outside "feed-source" combatting the increase of entropy) - but this is impossible, because there is no outside. We can only comprehend the system from inside, and from the inside of either Mind or Matter it is always an open system, being fed novel information from the 'black-box' of the second pole.

(this 'twin' language by the way, is a direct reference to the usage in Philip K Dick's Valis)

Here's some great quotes from Erik Davies' Techgnosis:

"Our society has come to place an enormous value on information, even though information itself can tell us nothing about value"

"Information emerges in the spark gap between mind and matter"

"The story of the self in the information age is thus the story of the afterimages of the psyche, of those reflections and virtual doubles that are exteriorised, or outered, into technologies"

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